Injuries for Arnica

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Maggie (Idaho) on 03/05/2018:
5 out of 5 stars

My dog came in from outdoors with a limp. I checked his leg and couldn't find anything wrong. I could tell he wasn't feeling well by the way he was acting. I gave him some homeopathic Arnica. He fell asleep on the floor and I noticed he would shiver on the inhale. I covered him with a heavy blanket and then came here to Earth Clinic to see what I could find to treat him.

Someone used Traumeel on a pet injury so went out and bought some. Had to clip some of the fur on the part of the leg I thought might be injured to be able to get the cream down to the skin. Put some of the T-Relief (used to be called Traumeel) cream on the leg and then covered it with a small baby's sock with the tip of the toe cut off to be able to slip it over his paw. I put another sock over the first one in the opposite direction for compression and to help keep it on his leg...worked great, never came off.

A couple of hours after applying the cream he was able to put some pressure on the leg and was walking again. About 4 hours after I had given him the first dose, I gave him another and by the end of the day I could tell he was feeling so much better. The next morning he woke up happy and was running and bumped the leg he had injured and was limping again. Since I knew the T-Relief cream worked, I put some on again, with the socks, and in a couple of hours he was ok. I could't believe how fast the T-Relief cream worked. I'm going to buy another tube and always keep one on hand for my dogs, cats and myself.

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