Un-petroleum Jelly for Hairballs

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Libby Ames (Cincinnati) on 07/24/2020
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Any coconut oil that has "Refined" on the label won't taste like coconut. I get it at Whole Foods. Or you can buy MCT oil, which is the same thing, but no flavor (medium chain tryglycerides). I put some in a little brown glass dropper bottle so I can sneak a few drops into some Fancy Feast.
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Kathryn4 (Owings, Md.) on 02/19/2013
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Got rid of hairball problem for my cat by rubbing a fingertipe amount of petrolum jelly on her leg every night. She licks it off and hairball problem and vomiting is gone. I went to a health food store and eveutally bought unpetroleum jelly as I thought it as better.