Best Dog Food & Cat Food Options for Your Healthy Pet!

Modified on Jun 29, 2023

Pet food recalls and warnings about what is in dog food making you nervous? Get pet food reviews and advice from real pet owners, including the raw food diet!

Pet food can be confusing. There are so many brands of cat food and dog food out there, some of them very expensive, all of them with wild claims about being the best and healthiest for your dog, cat, or other pet. So how do you choose? Join in on the conversation on Earth Clinic to help decide what you should be feeding your pet. Is a raw food diet best? Have you missed a pet food recall? Is the expensive pet food brand really worth it?

Pet Food Reviews and Dietary Advice

The raw food diet and grain-free dog food are two feeding options gaining in popularity over the past several years. Get advice on whether these options are right for your pet and how to change your pet over to the new diet in the posts listed below!

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    List of Remedies for Diet for Pets