Ferret Remedies

Modified on Sep 15, 2023

Ferrets are increasinly popular pets, and their adorable appearance and antics easily explain why there are so many ferret owners these days. However, the amount of information about natural home remedies for ferrets is not as extensive. Like any other pet, ferrets need the proper living environment to be healthy and well, but can nonetheless become ill, suffer tumors, have gastric ulcers, and can even catch the very same cold or flu that is passed around through the rest of your family!

Overheating and body odor are two typical pet owner complaints or concerns with regard to ferrets. Body odor is generally associated with sex hormones and may be addressed with different bathing options or changes in diet. Overheating can result in serious harm to your ferret's health, so it should be addressed conscientiously.

Natural Cures: Apple cider vinegar added to your ferret's food or water may help to improve its nutrition and keep its fur soft and velvety.

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