Remedies for Dogs Who Fear Car Rides

Lots of dogs love the opportunity to jump into a car and go for a road trip. In fact, in many cases you barely get the car door open and they're already inside, just waiting for you to turn that ignition key and open the windows so that they can enjoy the great breeze. On the other hand however, there are those pets who are not quite as crazy about the idea of taking a car ride. Many pets associate the car ride with a visit to the dreaded veterinarian, or in general are just very uneasy with the whole situation.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some way that you could alleviate the fear and anxiety that your pet experiences during long car rides? Well, this is your lucky day because there just happens to be such a remedy that works like a charm in this type of situation. Aconitum Napellus is a homeopathic treatment that will help your pet deal with their fear of traveling. For dogs, administer one tablet an hour prior to leaving on your trip and another one just before you get into the car. (Dosages will need to be adjusted accordingly and based on body weight for cats.)

The other problem that pets sometimes have with traveling is that of motion sickness. Whether you are traveling by planes, trains or automobile, make sure you treat your pet with a dosage of Cocculus before you leave.

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