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Ubiquinol for Congestive Heart Failure

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Susanl (Port St Lucie, Fl) on 01/22/2014:
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Hi Lisa, I also have a 14 yr. old, 45lb. Standard Poodle, I was told by vet that he has a #4 Heart Murmur. Thank God he is doing very well but he is now starting to cough. I have him on a Raw Food Diet, Olive Oil, Probiotics, Ester C, Mush (mushrooms), Ubiquitol (very important, it's CoQ10) & 400mg Vitamin E. He still looks and acts like a puppy, thank God!!

Never give any dog with a Heart Murmur anything with salt. My dog is also on "Young at Heart" for Dog Heart Disease, which is working out fine. But I think I will try the EarthClinic.

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