Bladder Stones in Dogs for Multiple Remedies

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Denise (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 04/06/2008:
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I had my Pyr/Collie F/S 85 lb. 2.4 yr old girl urinalyis done and the PH was 9.0, MAP crystals, no staph, no blood etc, RBC and WBC were fine, so NO antibiotics and 5 more (a total of 9) days before an xray to check for stones. She was given to me with many crystals and a severe leaking/blasdder infection at 6 weeks of age. She had a too short (I think) course of antibiotics and after I discontinued all treats her test was clear, crystal free and great PH. They did comprehensive blood work to rule out hereditary and genetic issues. I'd not given it much thought until she wet herself sleeping and started going more again. Now, today I gave her 1 TSP ACV diluted with 1 TSP water in an oral syringe with the intenet to give another equal dose this evening. She's had sweetened activia yogurt 2X daily for 2 days, cranberry juice 2x 1/2 cup daily, then switched to cranberry tablets 1 pill (9000 mg from 500 mg 18:1 ratio) a day for 2 days. I don't know if the pills are of use, please advise! I think the juice would be better?? I also added SEA SALT to her water, she took a nice, long drink. At anyrate, I took her PH this morning before the ACV and sea salt and it was 8.5. I took it again at 6 pm and it's 6.5. My understanding was if there's an infection, there's going to be crystals and high PH, but I'm thinking she has an issue with diet and needs sea salt as well. I'm so glad I found this site!! In still want to consult with her vet, maybe another one as I'm having trouble getting the vets to understand that I 'get' what's going on. I also think a CULTURE test should have or still should be performed as a urinalysis may not show some infections. ~SIGHS~ It's not a money issue, though I am always broke! I don't want her being so heavily sedated for xrays when I really dis-beleive there are stones that if there are, will dissolve anyways! I also have her on a no corn diet that I may have to reconsider as it's an acid adding veggie. Just thought I'd let folks know that ACV and or the sea salts WORK!! I'll post back and see how everyone's doing as well as keep you updated on her! Thanks AGAIN so much!!
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