Bladder Stones in Dogs for Cranberry

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Looola (Falmouth, Cornwall England) on 05/09/2009:
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We have a retired greyhound who had bladder stones when we got her, hundreds of pounds later she had to be fed CD for 4 months. our fantastic vet suggested cranberry tablets, one a day with her supper. we have not had any problems with her since! hope this helps
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Joanna (Ottawa, Ontario) on 11/27/2008:
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I know that cranberry juice is belived to be most effective as form of UTI prevention. However; I would like to know if pets taking cranberry juice are more prone to develop crystal and stones such us oxalate stones? My cocker spaniel takes cranberry juice daily 1 cap. a day, she has not been sick since last year. The last time she had UTI the vet said that she has high level of crystals, could she get them form cranberry juice?
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