Bird Health Remedies and Avian Care

Modified on Jun 14, 2023

Your pet birds can be very sensitive to diet and environment, and if you're noticing a change in your bird's behavior, weight, coloring, or feathering, it is possible your feathered friend is sick. Avian care - especially if you keep exotic birds - is critical, since many species of pet birds need proper heat, attention, and space. In some cases, your bird may not even need to be in contact with another sick bird to contract an illness.

Find Home Cures for Bird Health

On this page are a number of stories and suggestions on restoring and maintaining bird health. Give your pet bird the best natural care with these pet home remedies to treat bird illnesses and general conditions--from the Earth Clinic Community! Let us know what remedies you try from Earth Clinic to treat your bird. Know a home cure that's not listed here? Let us know about it.

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    List of Remedies for Bird Health Remedies