Beautiful Coat Remedies

Modified on Jan 21, 2024

Are you looking for a home remedy to help give your pet a healthy and beautiful coat throughout the year? Start with a complete diet, the more natural the better. If that isn't enough, there are natural remedies that can help cleanse your pet's outside and strengthen it from the inside so that your dog, cat, or other furry friend looks and feels his best!

Aside from regular grooming, a complete diet is the most important step to take in getting your pet to look its best. A single missing nutrient might lead to hair loss, bald spots, or thinning fur. You might look into certain mineral supplements or some simple dietary boosters such as flaxseed or yogurt to improve your pet's overall health.

Natural Remedies: Apple cider vinegar is a very popular remedy to improve the look and overall health of fur, feathers, and hair for horses, cats, dogs, birds, and many other pets. It can be applied directly (dilute if it will be in contact with the skin) and/or added regularly to your pet's diet.

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