Vitamin D Sun Baths for Allergies

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Ann (Augusta, GA) on 08/18/2007
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After years of pills from the vet for my Westie to control horrible skin problems I tried a sunbath. I saw on TV that a new report was out saying a deficit of Vit D causes a weakened immune system in humans so a bell went off in my head when my Westie turned over on his back and stretched out in the sun on one of his trips out to the side yard.I started taking him out for thirty minutes a day and just let him stretch out in the sun. This in addition to his walks and play time. I have been able to cut his medication back (Atopicia)to twice a week rather than once a day and completely eliminate the anti itch pill. Took about six weeks. I recently had to leave him at the vet for a week and they sprayed his feet with flea spray everytime he came in from outside. He came home with bloody itchy feet. I am now trying the ACV to see if I can get it under control. When he went in the sun yesterday he stretched out on his stomach and all four paws were in the sun. I think he is letting me know that what I am doing makes him feel better. Since allergies are a sign of a compromised immune system, so I have been told by the vet, and if the immune system can be made stronger by Vit D. The natural Vit D from the sun can't hurt. Thanks.