Dietary Changes, Acv for Allergies

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Merice (East Riding Of Yorkshire) on 05/04/2016
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We have had Dilly, our rescue Lhasa Apso, for 9 months. She had been used for breeding then abandoned. She is about 4 years old and has had a very bad start she came with a very seriously dry red inflamed skin.

So far we have put her on a grain free diet give her mega 3 6 9 shampoo her in organic chemical free products keep her hair short give her cider vinegar ... she is about 75% improved in the 9 months we have had her but she can't stop licking and scratching ... I am unsure if she is getting a recurring mite as her skin will flare up look very red and angry then go very dry - she won't sleep on her own and is keeping us awake night after night. I just want to get her well as she can be.

Please can you help? I have booked to see a homeopathic vet in July earliest I can get photo how she was when she was found ... how she was when we adopted her And how she is now when not flaring up.


Vernon321 (El Paso) on 11/12/2014
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I have a four year old GSD and we have battled allergies her entire life. She has blown her undercoat and never really gotten it back. Her scratching typically requires antibiotics after she creates cuts and sores. She has been on Temeral-P which keeps her at bay, Prednisone, and other oral medications. We removed her from it all except Benadryl twice a day about two months ago.We have to cone her at night to stop her biting and scratching. From blood and skin testing her allergies are;

Cats, Fish and fish mix, poultry and poultry mix (duck, chicken), Kelp, Corn, Eggs, Brewers yeast, Oat, Soybean, all grasses except fescue, dust mites and others with lower reactivity.

We feed her Earthborn Holistic Meadow feast, her treats are dehydrated beef liver (only liver), celery, carrots, ice, beef bones, and I think that is it.

Currently we are supplementing her food with coconut oil twice a day, pumpkin with both meals.

I tried ACV and water 50:50 This resulted in a super soft coat but she continued scratching. PLEASE help us, we can't stand to see her miserable.