Colostrum for Allergies

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Ellen (Leander, Tx) on 08/04/2013
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My nine-year-old corgi has had terrible allergy problems since we moved to Texas. They seem to get worse as he gets older.

I have switched his diet from premium dog food to raw and cooked. I have tried Benedryl and a daily dose of Zyrtec. The antihistamines helped a bit.

While researching ways to increase immunity in dogs, I happened upon information about colostrum. I ordered a goat's milk colostrum for dogs from Amazon.

I noticed a difference the first day I added the colostrum to his food. Even with the other allergy medications, his eyes watered like crazy. It's been five days now, and his eyes are dry. He is only making little, dry eye boogies like normal dogs do. He is not licking his paws like he usually does.

Next week, I plan to ween him off his daily Zyrtec. I'm sure in the days and weeks to come I will notice other health benefits from the colostrum. I'm hoping they help his seizures also.