Black Skin for Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs

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Sally (Wall, NJ) on 01/23/2009
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I have to share this with all of your readers. I have a yellow lab who developed "black skin" on her belly with itching and consequently sores that became inflamed and infected, and she started to lose her hair! I first started giving her vitamin E pills and rubbed her belly with Apple Cider Vinegar daily. The AVC soothed the itching. I continued doing both and then added 50 mg of zinc to her diet everyday. Within one month there was noticeable improvement, and her hair was growing back! No doctors, no medications, just simple effective home remedies that work. Today, 4 mos later, everything is gone, and she has a beautiful coat of hair! I credit using AVC 1-2X daily, and the zinc tablet!

Good luck to all... it's devastating when this happens to your beloved pet. I am a firm believer in ALL NATURAL products, with vets as a LAST resort.