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Anal Sac Tumor in Dog - Seeking Urgent Remedies

Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on 09/02/2021

"Hello, hoping the EC community has some out-of-the-box remedies for me to try on my 15-year-old dog.

He was diagnosed last month with an anal sac tumor (carcinoma of the apocrine glands). I would never have known if I hadn't given him a few drops of an herbal remedy for arthritis called Solomon's Seal. It caused a healing crisis with diarrhea and then an anal abscess where I had to rush him to the emergency vet, who then discovered this tumor. It's the size of a thumb and has started to protrude to the left of and just below the anus.

Because of his advanced age and the type and size of the tumor, surgery and/or radiation are out of the picture. Which leaves me with just remedies to try.

I am on the 4th week of 500 mg/2x per day of Graviola supplement, which can reduce tumors. I also am trying a graviola compress made from steeped tea to which I have added colloidal silver. Thank you to Art for the suggestion! I am very sorry to report that it hasn't shrunk the tumor.

I need something to work fast while I give the graviola more time. Any suggestions for something that can penetrate into the tumor? Since the bulge is below his anal opening, I can put something topically on that area. Someone mentioned injecting baking soda solution into a visible tumor last week but did not leave any specifics. I would have to get a vet or vet tech involved for that procedure.

Any topical suggestions that use DMSO to drive it in? Appreciate any suggestions, thank you so much.

P.S Rob, the turpentine did not help my other dog's huge shoulder area bone tumor, unfortunately. Nor has the Graviola. She's on her last few days, unfortunately. Sad times here."

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Posted By Charity (faithville, Us) on

"Activated Charcoal for Pets (earthclinic.com)

and there is a pet section with lots of links for different kinds of pets.

Castor Oil For Dogs ? Benefits for Tumors, Constipation, and overall Pet Health! When it comes to our pets, castor oil is effective for soothing and treating skin problems, for repelling fleas in ticks in combination with essential oils, and for treating tumorous growths or cysts.

Castor Oil For Dogs - Benefits for Tumors, Constipation, and overal?


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Posted By Art (California) on

"I'm very sorry to hear about both dogs, Deirdre! If the tumor is visibly protruding, can you apply the silver/Graviola tea directly to it with a q-tip? If you want to try and drive it into the tumor add DMSO to make the mixture 50% DMSO/ 50% ionic silver & graviola tea.


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Posted By Cindy (Illinois, USA) on

"Hi Deirdre! There are a couple of things that seem to work well on canine tumors. One is sea salt, in which case you use two water dishes, one with a little salt and one without. If they need it, they'll drink it.

The other is colloidal silver in their water - for ingestion. Many pets seem to need it, which manifests as both them drinking it when offered both colloidal silver water and regular water as well as NOT drinking their regular water and becoming dehydrated when it's not available.

Personally, I don't "force" remedies on a pet. If it's just made available, they'll take it if they need it and in the AMOUNTS they need and giving them no option - as in spiking their food with it in a sort of "if you're hungry, you have to take this medicine or starve sort of situation? Is never a good idea.

In the wild, dogs would find what they need and eat however much they needed, however often the body needed it for the length of time it takes to get the job done. Plus, of course, they'd be eating raw meat, with bone, so diarrhea wouldn't be a problem when clearing out pathogens and/or otherwise detoxing.

I don't know how big your dog is but I'd feed raw chicken thigh, with the skin but only a little of the bone until it was cleared up a bit, if it's painful.

Not sure about the DMSO. I don't think I'd use it for a tumor but...I don't know. I'd use the colloidal silver alone, which is small enough to pass through the skin on its own. No herbs or other things other than the raw chicken with a salted water bowl as an option. So, that would be three water bowls. One plain, one slightly salted and one with a tablespoon of colloidal silver - or a couple tablespoons, depending on how big your dog is and let him/her do their own blending, when it comes to the amounts."

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Posted By Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on

"You heard of the rats given panacur c (dog wormer) for their parasites and it cured their cancer?

Look up Joe Tippens. Also topically I'd combine lugols with the dmso. I have submitted fenbendazole through the skin with dmso. For my husband. Fenbendazole is the active drug in panacur c. Tested safe for humans decades ago."


Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Thank you so much, Teena, Cindy, Art, and Charity for replying to my urgent post the other day.

THANK YOU, Teena, for mentioning fenbendazole. I knew about it from reading the posts on Earth Clinic over the years, but it wasn't on my recent radar. I am so sorry to read that your husband has cancer, but it sounds like things are going well with your protocols based on what you wrote in another post yesterday. Please keep us updated!

Here is my update: I immediately order liquid Fenbenzadole (Safe-Guard) and Panacur packets within minutes of reading Teena's post and it was delivered earlier than expected yesterday afternoon, so I got them started immediately by applying the liquid topically with DMSO on both dogs.

I mentioned that my golden retriever was doing very poorly from the suspected osteosarcoma tumor in her shoulder.. probably more than one tumor in that area based on all the lumps (but some are benign so hard to tell). A vet was scheduled to come to the house this morning (Sunday) to put her to sleep... so we were literally hours away from that. However, she rallied in such an amazing way after the application of fenbendazole and dmso that I canceled the appointment yesterday early evening. She went on to gobble down her dinner. Then after dinner, I offered her liquid fenbendazole in a bowl - not mixed with anything - and she sniffed it and then immediately licked it all up. She's looking better this morning and again gobbled down her breakfast. It's a tough road at this advanced stage, but we're not giving up!

My plan is to keep up with Art's suggested Graviola dosage in the morning along with 2 tablespoons of my Colloidal Silver; apply the liquid fenbendazole with DMSO and Colloidal Silver a few times a day to the tumor areas, and do the 400mg of powdered Panacur at night with more Colloidal Silver.

I've been giving them CS for a few years now, quite regularly, and they do incredibly well on it. It gives them lots of energy and helps with arthritis. However, it did not stop these tumors from growing in either dog, so one should not rely solely on CS to prevent cancer (just in my personal opinion).

I'll see if either dog wants to drink any saltwater in a separate dish, thanks for that suggestion, Cindy.

Charity, activated charcoal and castor oil are great suggestions, thank you - I will add them to my list!

Thanks everyone again for all your help and good thoughts!! I'll keep you updated."

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Posted By Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on

"Deirdre, your post about the vet coming to the house bought tears to my eyes, I'm happily incredulous to see your efforts paying off so soon.

Just some notes, fenben absorbs best when taken with fat, and I'd try occasionally making and offering the 2:1 immersion blended cottage cheese flaxseed oil budwig meal, (must be fresh), by oxygenating, it charges and nourishes the cells like none other that I've seen.

For your knowledge, fenben works in three ways: it stops reproduction, interferes with glucose metabolism of the cancer cell, and allows the cancer cell to die, actively altering that immortal type feature that allows cancer cells to thrive.

When I held that medicine in my hands the first time, I felt like I was holding something holy, guided by the hand of God, and I felt blessed and light filled and radiant.

Replying to your post inspired me to use baking soda dissolved in dmso on my own spots, there's a lot of info from EC over the years and sometimes it gets buried in my mind, thank you."

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Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Thank you for your post, Teena!

Are you giving 400mg fenben once a day 7 days a week or 3 days on and 4 days off? Thanks for the tip about Budwig protocol. I am giving the fenben to them once a day in their well-rehydrated freeze dried raw food patties from Small Batch. I added oil once a few days ago and one of the dogs had a very upset stomach for the day, so being more cautious.

I'm giving them milk thistle in their other meal to support the liver.

Can't tell how it's going thus far, but they have very good energy after they eat it. For sure the tumors have NOT grown any, which is good news since they seemed to be growing rapidly before I started on the protocol.

Thanks again. Please let us know how it goes with the DMSO and baking soda!"

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Posted By Teena (Victoria) on


Joe revised his protocol, while he initially took a break for three days, he sees no reason for the break other than he was being cautious. Similarly, knowing the safety record of fenben (LD50 could not be established, even with 10,000 x normal dose! ), and seeing studies on 1500mg a day, before surgery I settled on 1000mg a day, and while I have no proof those three days (it's all I had) made any difference, I do know the surgeon expected a 4 hour surgery, expected the cancer to have spread to the bladder, (we were expecting partial removal of bladder) and to the spine, and I'll tell you, when I witnessed those seizure spasms I thought so as well. But the surgeon called after 2.5 hours of surgery, bladder looked good, the surgery was as clear and clean as could be expected, with no mention of spread to the spine, considering the prognosis before surgery I was overjoyed. Since he has been home he has been on the tippens 250mg dose, every day, sometimes 500mg, he is putting on weight nicely just has some bad days with pain. I feel the direct delivery of the fenben and dmso direct to the concern area may have been of most benefit, ofc I had to dilute with a home made salve (comfrey and coconut oil, organic cocoa butter) but when I was done massaging it in there was no powder residue and I felt it a great method for administration especially because I was trying to bypass the stomach ulcer. I do believe the raw food provides enough fat with the fenben for your dogs, so no worries there, although I also think the topical application to be just as beneficial, being that the tumour is accessible from the surface.

I tend to look after others far better than myself so now reminded will put the baking soda and dmso on my own skin, it didn't sting until I added the lugols and I like to feel that, I know it's working.

Hope something there helps, I sometimes ramble :)"

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Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Hi Teena!

Just wanted to thank you so much for your latest reply. Very happy to hear the remedies you are using on your husband are working well. Please keep us updated.

After you mentioned it above, I tried applying baking soda and dmso two days in a row topically my dog's anal gland tumor. I was doing dmso and fenben before that. Plus I also have been applying a warm colloidal silver compress (per Art's suggestion), which my dog finds very soothing. The baking soda/dmso is a bit tricky because it dries into powder and causes the skin around his rump to crack and bleed if I apply it too closely and then wash it off later.

However, the great news is that it does seem like these remedies are working on him. He was walking sideways and in quite a bit of discomfort, but for the past three days (and since I tried topical baking soda and dmso), his spine has straightened up and he's not side winding when he walk. Very hopeful.

Don't think the remedies are working on my golden, but she does have a good appetite still.

Thanks again for all your ideas and feedback!"

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Posted By Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on

"Hello Deirdre, are you still applying the dmso + fenbendazole topically? What changes have you noticed?

I have been giving my dog fenbendazole internally but he is refusing food if he can smell it in his meal. I had to give it a break. I honestly don't see much change since I started it, I was getting some results with bloodroot paste. I was hoping panacur would shrink the malignant tumor a bit."


Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Hi Schnauzer's Mom,

Thanks for asking for an update. I have been meaning to do this.

Initially, I thought the Fenben was working. But I think both my dogs' advanced age worked against them.

Similar to your experience, one of my dogs stopped eating his food if I put it in there.

I had to put my golden retriever to sleep a couple of weeks ago. I think the Fenben gave her some energy. She didn't mind it at all and would lick it straight from a bowl if I offered it to her. However, because she was bed-bound with a massive lump on her should joint at the point that I started fenben and not getting any exercise, I don't think there was much chance of it working.

On my other dog, I was applying the Fenben to the anal area tumor every day but didn't see much shrinkage. So I stopped that protocol last week and returned to applying a light layer Gallixa cream, which can shrink tumors in horses, with DMSO 1-3 times a day.

As to whether the Gallixa is working... not sure what's happening inside but it has not gotten any bigger on the outside.

I have learned a lot these past few months! For those with animals that are constipated (or in the case of my dog, who has a tumor in the bum area and can't feel when he needs to go to the bathroom), holding wet paper towels that are warm, but not too hot, to the bum area will stimulate them to go. They cool down fast so you might need to do a second time for it to work. One of the vets I have been told me to do this (actually with a piece of cotton from a large cotton roll that the vets supply) to get the antibiotics working in that area a couple of months ago when he had an anal abscess, and I have carried on with his advice to get my dog to go to the bathroom. It works phenomenally well and he I can tell he feels better when that area stays as shrunken as possible.

One thing you might try is applying a 50/50 organic apple cider vinegar and water formula near your dog's tumor and on the stomach where there is the least amount of fur. I have been doing this with my dog to help his bladder and he looks REMARKABLY better almost immediately after I do this! I think the alkalizing effect is very helpful. As a plus, they don't get an upset stomach like they do taking Apple Cider Vinegar internally.

I am also continuing to give my dog 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver 20ppm in his food twice a day. The CS definitely helps his immune system.

Please let us know how it goes with your pup."

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Posted By Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on

"Oh no! Sorry to hear about your golden retriever. I wonder if fenbendazole only works in the beginning stages for dogs with cancer. I honestly haven't seen much success on the facebook group for fenbendazole. Most people have put their pets to sleep.

My dog's tumor is really big so the bloodroot paste hasn't been able to form a eschar. I still have 3 unopened packages of panacur and was thinking in applying it topically, hoping it will shrink the tumor. I have posted here before that I made the mistake of applying castor oil + turmeric on the tumor and 3 days later it was much bigger. I am afraid of getting the same outcome if I apply fenben topically."

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Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on


Yes, my golden's tumor was enormous at the point I started treating her with Fenben. I also thought that some of the things I tried over the summer made it bigger, but who knows for sure. Tumors can grow fast.

Here is a newish post about someone using Fenben on a cat internally with good results after 2 weeks.


So sorry you are going through this. It is very tough. Please keep us updated!"

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Posted By MissM (NY) on

"We used Tagamet cimetidine protocol for our dog and it got rid of a big mass cell tumor.

facebook group



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Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Thank you so much, MissM.

I found the dosage info on Facebook and ordered Tagamet and Benadryl. Will start him on the protocol right away.

Can you please give us more information about how this protocol worked for your dog? I would love to start a new remedy topic on EC's dog tumor page so that more people can find it.

Thanks again for your post. Greatly appreciated!

P.S. Here's the dosing info in a pic for anyone interested in this cancer protocol for dogs.


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Posted By MissM (NY) on

"It gets ugly before it gets better, but the group can help you when treating with photos. It frankly looked like a hot mess but started to dissolve, and now you cannot even see anything on the skin, unlike the operation of the first one which in hindsight had we known could have been taken care of with Tagamet and cimetidine."
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Posted By Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on

"Well, after spending hours researching and writing about the tagamet/benadryl protocol for cancer so that other dog owners can find the protocol in time, Vera Anderson emailed me, after having given me permission to write about it last week, and asked me to delete it and to see her gofundme page instead.

Wow. Now that is a first on Earth Clinic since 1999. "


Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Just wanted to give an update on the anal sac tumor in my dog.

I stopped the tagamet/benadryl protocol after about 4 days. It turned him into a total zombie and he completely lost his appetite. It took a few days for him to recover it once I stopped those two meds. So, not sure if it works or not, but I am definitely not going to put a 15 year dog through that again.

Sticking to Colloidal Silver, ACV with DMSO topically on the stomach, and Gallixa topically on the rear. It's the best set of remedies I can come up with and no side effects."

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Posted By MissM (NY) on

"Tagamet Benadryl never made my dog a zombie. I also give Benadryl to my dog for allergies, and the dog never gets sleepy or zoned out. Does work on allergies. Worked on my dog's mass cell tumor. Do not give with turmeric."
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Posted By Art (California) on

"Hi Deirdre,

Although melatonin is healthful for animals and plants, just as it is for humans, and melatonin has multiple anticancer effects, I did not suggest it to you because in some dogs, just as in people, it can make them tired.

However, at least in humans, the suppository form of melatonin, is shown in studies not to cause tiredness, so it may be at least worth considering adding it to his regimen.


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Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Thank you, Art! Never considered melatonin for dogs!

What daily dosage would you suggest for a 55 pound dog? I can do the melatonin at night until I can get a melatonin suppository. His sight isn't very good as of late and he becomes incredibly anxious when it gets dark if he can't see me and crashes into things wandering around looking for me (even with some lights on), so having him sleep through the night would be a great thing!

Thanks for the suggestion."

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Posted By Art (California) on

"I would start him at 10 mg in his dinner or afternoon meal and see how he does, Deirdre. If he does well with that I would continue higher in 10 mg increments every other day. So 10 mg today and 10 mg tomorrow and then 20 mg the next day and so on. Melatonin has a very good safety profile in humans, dogs and plants. It may also help with the anxiety, but first you have to find out if he tolerates it.


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Posted By Deirdre (Connecticut) on

"Thank you so much, Art! Have started him on 10mg tonight and will let you know how it goes. I really appreciate all your suggestions!"
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