Hawthorn's Herbal Benefits

A unique flowering plant, all parts of the hawthorn tree have specific medicinal applications. With uses ranging from supporting cardiovascular health to treating digestive issues, hawthorn has been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine and continues to be used today. The herb can be taken as an independent supplement or even sipped as a tea with the same positive effects.

What is Hawthorn?

Hawthorn is an herbal remedy that is grown naturally from the hawthorn tree. The tree appears as a small flowering shrub with small red berries. The plant belongs to the same family as that of roses and likely offers many of the same benefits. The plant is called by a variety of other names including haw, hawthorne, harthorne and English hawthorn.

While the Food & Drug Administration has not yet approved hawthorn as an actual medicine, research suggests that it is capable of procuring a variety of health benefits. These herbal preparations are constituted of the plants’ leaves, fruit and even flowers. The herb contains a variety of active components that support cardiovascular health and treat a range of conditions.

Health Benefits of Hawthorn

The characteristic hawthorn supplement delivers a variety of health applications. Most herbal preparations containing the herb are designed to protect the heart and detox the body of harmful substances.

An active antioxidant, hawthorn works to remove free radicals from the body and relieve toxic issues. The herb also helps improve the function of the cardiovascular system. Stimulating dilation of the arteries, the herb improves blood flow throughout the body, which also improves the strength and rhythm of the heartbeat and regulates blood pressure levels. The herb also functions to clarify the arteries and heart, removing plaque and other built-up debris.

Hawthorn is also an effective nutritional supplement for restoring tissues and sustaining life. With its variety of applications, the herb can also be used to treat tapeworms and other intestinal infections, skin disorders, issues of the digestive system, anxiety and a range of other conditions.

As with any treatment, care must be taken to avoid interaction with other medications and side effects. Nonetheless, hawthorn is a safe, effective treatment option.

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List of Remedies for Hawthorn