Garlic for Xanthelasma Polyps

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Zbaev (Bulgaria) on 01/12/2014
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Hello Folks, first of all I would like to thank everyone for the great posts and feed back here. I've found many useful remedies here. I am currently in a process of treating my xanthelasma spots with garlic. I have two spots, one under each eye. The one is about 1.5cm long by 0.5mm wide; the other one is about 0.5cm long by 0.3mm wide. The first one appeared about 5 years ago and it slowly grew to the size I mentioned above, the other one appeared in a mean time. The reason for mine is very high cholesterol readings 9.6 (European measurements) where 5.2 is the acceptable benchmark. I didn't want to start taking any meds so I began looking for other natural alternatives. I am currently doing the liver cleanse program. I've done 4 cleanses so far. I am planning to do a few more before I get my blood tested again to see if the results are better. Anyways, I am in a day four of applying row garlic on my xanths and would like to point out something here for the people who haven't done it yet and may be confused as I was. We learn as we go. I've read people's comments in here and was wondering why I am not getting the same results. I was doing it for 3 days, and not getting to the point where the skin burns. First I cut the clove to halves and applied to the spots for 10 min. then 20 min. twice a day; it didn't work, It didn't even sting much. Then I chopped the garlic - a little better, but still not enough. Then on the third day, I've decided to go out and buy a different garlic. I bought 3 different kinds and tried it out. I've noticed that the sting and burn sensation was all different. Finally I picked the one that stings the most and continue using just that one. In a few applications in just one day my eyes got dark red and swollen and finally felt that something is working there. So for those who wrote in here that garlic did not work for them I'll put this in caps: IF YOU DON'T GET THE BURN AND STING SENSATION CHANGE THE GARLIC DON?T WASTE YOUR TIME. Apparently the garlic is not the same around the globe. If I stayed with the first brand of garlic that I had, I wouldn't have seen any results at all. So on my day 4 now, which is actually day 1 with the strong garlic I am defiantly seeing a difference. I'll report back in a few days with the results.