West Nile Virus Remedies

The West Nile Virus is increasingly becoming a scourge on our health, spread by multiplying numbers of mosquitoes encroaching on territory they never before occupied.

What is the West Nile Virus?

First of all, let us address what we are dealing with in the West Nile Virus. This is a communicable disease generally found in tropical regions and borne via specific breeds of mosquitoes. Transmission is generally not possible between individuals, which limits its infection rate. Still, reports of infection in utero and via breast feeding have been reported. Our dogs and cats do not seem to be susceptible.

Symptoms of West Nile

West Nile symptoms do not emerge until 2-3 weeks after being bitten by an infected mosquito, however, symptom onset can then be sudden and severe. Symptoms can include headaches and body aches, fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea, a rash, and pain in the joints eventually resulting in inflammation of the brain or spinal cord in 1% or those infected.

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List of Remedies for West Nile Virus