Multiple Remedies for Voice Issues

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Hira (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 05/12/2011
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I'm a singer and having problems with my vocal and breathing for last few years. I was looking for a herbal remedy for acid reflux, laryngitis, sore throat, asthma, obese and excessive phlem problems. Earth clinic provided me the answer beside other folks around me.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Hydrogen peroxide (I'm taking lemon for that, don't through away any part of lemon and eat whole thing)

3. Raw honey with black seed oil (1:4) etc.

4. Black bean (chhola in Bengali)

5. licorice root (joshThi modhu in Bengali) - add in your tea with ginger and lemon and you have a great soothing remedy for throat/vocal

Note: *avoid eating rice, wheat, and dairy products, instead try to eat more vegetable (tomato, carrots etc. ) and fruits (green apple, banana) in your meal **avoid salt ***Do as much as Yoga, exercise, jogging (I'm also playing soccer with my buddies and feeling great) as possible on daily basis and at same time ****If you are recovering from vocal problem, do light vocal warmup/practice each day at same time.. Increase practice time and try higher notes if you gain enough strength and comfort in your vocal.. Never over-do anything; I'm a sufferer and I know how it feels when singing is your life and you can't sing..

IN DHAKA, BANGLADESH, I found the all natural Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar in "MEENA BAZAR" super shop, RD. #27 (old), 16(new), Dhanmondi, Dhaka. You can try other branches of Meena Bazar or other super shops.

FYI, I couldn't find Hydrogen peroxide in Meena Bazar. So, I'm sticking with lemon (again I slice the lemon in 4 pieces and eat 1/4- the whole thing not just the liquid), coconut/coconut milk etc. to get enough H2O2.

I hope you will get well soon..