Yoga and Balance Exercises for Meniere's Disease

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Barbara (Vermont) on 07/18/2015:
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I just used an exercise called "half-somersault" which you can find on Youtube, explained by a doctor. It worked right away! She explains it clearly, and it is easy to do. It loosens the blockage in the inner ear. Miraculous!

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Maureen (Woodbury, CT) on 10/02/2006:
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I have also been diagnosed with Meniere's and put on Valium as well as a diuretic. Both made me extremely ill. Yoga is very helpful. You have to teach your brain that you are in balance. Your brain gets use to the fact that you are always off balance so you have basically re-train yourself. It takes time and sometimes you are dizzy while exercising but does help. Also, no caffeine and very low sodium diet. Good Luck
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