Treat for TMD for Meniere's Disease

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JME (East Aurora, NY) on 03/16/2009:
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Wow... thank you Rene, thank you for your alert and comments that TMD may be the reason for 'Meniere's' Diagnosis. That may very well be what has happened with me, as I underwent a mandibular osteotomy in 1990. Thank you for giving me hope that I may find the 'cure' to this unsettling condition. I so hope this is it and I can fix it.

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Rene (Memphis, TN) on 09/08/2008:
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For any of you who have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, please use a search engine right now to search for TMD and your symptoms (e.g. TMD and dizziness and tinnitus).

I have had debilitating dizziness for literally 10 years and have seen many, many doctors and have had UNTOLD numbers of tests and procedures and taken who knows how many herbs, prescription medicines, and supplements and have followed any crazy diet I have heard of that might help. I even had surgery on my sinuses hoping for freedom from this terrible condition, but nothing worked.

On this very site, I read about a lady who went to see a chiropractor for Meniere's symptoms and had good luck with it. This was the first time I'd read about that approach, so I immediately set up an appt with a chiropractor. He diagnosed me with TMD (many people call it "TMJ", but it is TMD for TM joint disorder) and has sent me to a TMD specialist for treatment. Not a regular dentist. A TMD specialist.

He also told me to go home and search the internet for TMD to read about it, and I have found so many reports of people who had suffered for years, just like me, and saw tons of doctors and specialists, just like me, and finally actually got RESOLUTION and got their lives back when someone diagnosed them with and treated them for TMD. Doctors diagnose you with Meniere's Disease, and you find out it's incurable, and it feels so hopeless. This feels hopeFUL for me for the first time in years! I want all of you to feel hope, too!

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