Stop Drinking Caffeine for Meniere's Disease

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Roy (Charlotte, Nc) on 08/19/2012:
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yep, I had it so bad that I could not walk. I was drinking about six to eight cups of coffee a day and so I quit ALL caffeine intake. About a week after I quit my vertigo attacks completely went away. Wish I had known this before I paid big $$$$ for an MRI and other tests.
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Jay (helensvale GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA) on 07/26/2007:
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according to my specialist he told me that caffeine was one of the biggest causes of menieres disease(crystallizing of the ear canal)- I was a major sufferer of vertigo and menieres disease so I stopped drinking coffee straight away after about 1 week I never had another bout of dizziness and that was 6yrs ago to date I still don't drink coffee-- hope this helps rgds
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