OTC Antihistamine for Meniere's Disease

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Evelina (Livonia, MI, USA) on 04/11/2009:
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Years ago I started experiencing dizzy spells. They became much worse. My worst experience left me on a couch for three days. The room just wouldn't stop spinning. I was tested by my doctor, ENT's, a neurologist and finally an allergist. I was allergic to my dog, mold and dust. I found benedryl (an OTC antihistamine) would cure the dizzy spells. The triggers were the allergens. I kept my dog out of the bedroom, and changed my diet, less cheese (just couldn't give it up) and no mushrooms. I already had a special filter system on my furnace, but I also bought a unit for the first floor. When I do my spring and fall gardening, I make sure to take a pill at bedtime for two to three days. All that mold in the yard can really cause my head to spin if I forget that pill. It really works. Years later, I spoke to our property manager (for a vacation rental we owned), who apologized to me for being so flaky during an earlier conversation. She said she suffered from dizzy spells and nothing was helping. I told her about my experience with benedryl. She called me that month and was so grateful! She felt she'd gotten her life back. She had been so scared and sick. It worked for her. She could hardly believe the solution was so simple. We had that condo for three years and we spoke regularly. She continued to have success with the benedryl, too."
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