Dietary Changes, Biofeedback for Meniere's Disease

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Mia (Berkley, Mi, Usa) on 07/30/2013:
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I have had Meniere's for 12 years. The area surrounding my right ear is intermittentantly numb, I have tinnitus 24/7, and have experienced severe 'spin-outs" to the point of vomitting, and then need to sleep for 18 hours. When I first sought an answer to what I had, I was told I could possibly have otitus media, a brain tumor or very off chance, Meniere's Disease. I was given antibiotics and steroids. I happened upon a Meniere's specialist of world renown in the Rochester, Michigan area, by overhearing a conversation, who diagnosed classic Meniere's. I can tell you from experience that diet is the key.

CATS =No Caffeine, No Alcohol, No Tobacco, No Salt

With that in mind; eliminate processed foods, condiments, think organic, no hormone, no antibiotic treated foods. No sugar substitutes.

To stop a "spin-out" in the process I was taught to Focus! (Bio-feedback) Focus your eyes on an object, do not close your eyes, you will feel your eyes bouncing in your head, but the vertigo will stop. The more you use this technique, the faster you will be able to stop the spinning.

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