Vasculitis Remedies

Home treatment for vasculitis addresses the underlying immune system problem causing the condition. Lifestyle changes involving proper nutrition and exercise will help detoxify the body and correct pH balance. An apple cider vinegar tonic is one of the effective natural cures for this condition while home remedies like garlic help strengthen the immune system.  The primary treatment goal for vasculitis is to reduce the inflammation and reduce or stop the immune response in affected blood vessels. 

What is Vasculitis?

Vasculitis is an immune system disorder characterized by blood cells mistakenly attacked as foreign bodies, leading to inflamed blood vessels. There are many types of vasculitis, some of which are genetic.  This condition can be either short-lived or chronic, causing blood vessels to scar, weaken, narrow and thicken. In severe cases, organs and tissues are starved for blood; this form of vasculitis can prove deadly. Some types of vasculitis may improve if left alone, but other types require long-term treatment. 

Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Vasculitis

The most effective natural treatments for vasculitis utilize a holistic approach. Working to achieve a healthy immune system through a treatment regimen incorporating proper nutrition, exercise and detoxification should be the ultimate goal. Since vasculitis can attack all tissues and organs, natural treatments would address symptoms for that particular type of vasculitis. In general, vasculitis sufferers are also afflicted by a variety of flu-like symptoms which can be effectively treated with home remedies. 

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List of Remedies for Vasculitis