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Shingles Vaccine Reactions

Mari (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/23/2021
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Has anyone had a reaction to a shingles vaccine and do you know of any MD's or natural health practitioners who know how to treat a reaction to it? At the suggestion of her physician, a friend of mine had a Zostavax shot back in 2015 and within a week her head and neck started itching from these pimples that started erupting. This reaction has NOT gone away and just keeps getting worse. It's like she has had shingles for six years! Because of the number of adverse reactions to Zostavax, it was taken off the market in 2018. Knowing what she knows now, my friend has said she wished she had said "no" to the shot because if she had come down with shingles she would have been over it in a couple of months. She has tried a lot of natural and pharmaceutical treatments, but nothing really helps.

Wendy (Columbus, OH) on 03/11/2019

Has anyone, with a kidney transplant, received the flu vaccine? My docs, at each and every visit, continue to ask if I've gotten it, and I say no (because I won't get it) and try not to go into details as to why I won't get it since the doc's eyes start to glaze over! I have never, ever had the flu in my 64 years of life (big knock on wood, of course), and rarely get sick, even with a cold or cough. I maintain a healthy lifestyle, including almost being "anal" when it comes to washing my hands, and cleansing my surrounding areas (desk at work, my PC keyboard & phone with alcohol wipes, etc.).

I'm really concerned about the possibility (listen to the March 5, 2019 senate hearing at of the flu vaccine being MANDATORY for fear I would unavoidably get the flu from the vaccine itself. Since I'm on immuno-suppressant drugs for the rest of my life, I fear that the vaccine would cause irreparable damage to my own system. Any comments, insights, FACTS, would be appreciated!


What Does the EC Community Think About Flu Shots?

Patti B (Pa) on 10/24/2018

I was wondering how people feel about getting the flu shot. I am 58 and have never had one. I know of 2 people that contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome after receiving a flu shot. Coincidence?
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New Vaccine and Autoimmune Diseases

Ben (Bremerton, Washington ) on 03/02/2016

In typical fda fashion looking out for drug company interests rather than us, the fda is fast tracking approval of a deadly vaccine adjuvant called fluad. This was tested in gulf war soldiers being called at the time mf -59. Today more than 675 thousand soldiers are suffering effects believed to be as a result of exposure to this vaccine adjuvant and other harmful chemicals added to the witches brew we call vaccines.

The main component of mf-59 is squalene. This oil based chemical was originally called freund's adjuvant after the doctor who developed it.

What doctor freund found was when he injected squalene or as he called it freund"s adjuvant the test animals suffered the most horrific immune system reactions which caused extreme autoimmune symptoms. The immune system would literally go berserk and begin attacking healthy tissues .

Many of you have trusted your doctor rolled up your sleeve and got vaccinated. Today you might be sick and have no explanation of why you are sick. Well a simple test exists to check and see if squalene might be harming you. Your doctor can give you a test for antisqualene antibodies.

The drug companies like squalene and plan to introduce much more of this deadly substance into future vaccines. Do your homework , study this deadly chemical adjuvant before it ruins your health

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Detoxing Children From Vaccinations

Valerie (Utah) on 06/29/2015

Now that California is requiring immunizations to get into school, I'm wondering if there is a way to pull the immunization toxicity from the body to minimize the damaging effects.
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Choosing a 2014-2015 Flu Vaccine

Apv (San Jose, California) on 09/28/2014

At least for me, it used to be that you went to a hospital every fall and got a flu shot. Well, it turns out there are not only multiple types of flu shots and methods of administration, they don't quite contain the same stuff.

A table with some of the ingredients is shown to get you started on your research.

When viral proteins are injected into the body, the immune system learns to recognize them (sensitization) and then on subsequent exposure to the proteins it begins to attack them (elicitation). Unfortunately, any other proteins injected with the vaccine are treated the same way. Once sensitized to the injected protein, future exposure to the protein elicits an attack known as an allergic reaction.

Details and references are here:

Intranasal: the risk is injecting live viruses on to your olfactory nerve that is millimeters away from your brain.
There may also be adventitious agents in the vaccine. In other words, unintentional contamination of the vaccine by viruses/bacteria/amoeba etc..

Intradermal: the risk is skin cells/proteins are torn by the needle and injected along with the vaccine.
If your body develops an allergy to these skin proteins, you can develop immune system related skin disorders such as eczema.

Intramuscular:the risk is skin and muscle cells/proteins are torn by the needle and injected along with the vaccine.
If your body develops an allergy to these muscle proteins (one of which is tropomyosin), you can develop immune system disorders as the immune system attacks any tissue containing tropomyosin. Tropomyosin is present in the brain and the intestines. So disorders can include autism, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

and of course seafood allergy.

Polysorbate 80 contains vegetable oils. Depending on the type of vegetable oil used, it can cause the development of allergies to various food items - food allergies.

Ovalbumin in vaccines can cause the development of allergy to egg.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen but your body creates a small amount of it too.

Mercury is a well known toxin for which there is no safe amount.

Triton X-100 can damage cells.

HA is the viral protein. The "active ingredient" of a flu vaccine.

Insect proteins when injected into the body can cause the development of allergy to those insect proteins.
Flublok uses cells from the Fall Armyworm, a type of moth larvae. If you develop an allergy to such an insect protein, it may be very difficult to avoid exposure. Avoiding exposure to egg for a patient with egg allergies is difficult enough. How would one avoid exposure to a moth/larvae protein?

Flucelvax contains dog kidney cell proteins. If you develop an allergy to dog kidney cell protein, your immune system might start attacking your own similar kidney cells. An autoimmune kidney disorder will result.
Also the dog kidney cells used to make the vaccine are highly tumorigenic. The cells are supposed to be all killed. But even the tumorigenic DNA residue in the vaccine is considered dangerous and is therefore limited by the FDA to 10 nanogram. Is that low enough?

Trivalent vaccines contain three viral strains and quadrivalent contain four viral strains.

If you want to perform some probability calculations, flu vaccines work 60% of the time per the CDC.

And about 3000-40,000 people are killed by the flu each year.

In the old days before vaccines, you had no choice but to suffer the flu. Modern medicine gives you a choice, a choice between the devil and the deep sea ... for a fee.

EC: Sorry Apv the table you pasted at the top was too big for a post so we had to remove it.


Re: Vaccinations and Children

Lucena (Leyte, Philippines) on 03/05/2014

My grandaughter was born in Uk (09-01=2014) Vaccination is compulsory. With BCG so far no side-effect seen yet, but who knows its lurking somewhere?? She is due for another next week, DPT. Any anti-dote? Thank you very much for any input on this.

Guillian Barre After Flu Shot

Pclouds (Annapolis,md) on 11/03/2013

A good friend was just diagnosed w Guillain Barre after getting a flu shot a week ago. I wondered if any of you have insight on treatments or cures that would lessen her issues. She has no feeling in her hands and falls a lot. Currently she is in intensive care at hospital. Doctors have dismissed flu shot as correlation to this sudden onset. Any suggestions are most welcome. Many thanks for all the great info and wisdom you provide here.



HPV Vaccine

Gracie (East Providence, RI ) on 09/01/2013

I was hoping you could either help me or direct me to obtain some information. My daughter received the hpv virus vaccine about 3 years ago (she was 15) recommended by her physician. Is there any way possible to reverse the vaccine? Either by essential oils or supplements/juicing anything? After researching I found it does not prevent and actually has life long effects. I have tried to research through google etc and I cannot find anything.

Thank you in advance


Travelling to India, Never Had Immunizations

Sara (Vancouver, Canada) on 08/06/2013

Hey there, I have a question. I am traveling to India for the first time I am 29 and have never had any kind of shot or immunization, nor do I believe in them per say. I am a very healthy person. I am wondering though if its important to get shots for the trip, and what ones? I really don't want to mess around with getting really sick. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you, Sara

Forced Immunizations

Cindy (Wisc, Usa) on 04/24/2013

If a person was forced to have an immunization shot what can be done before/after to counteract, the side effects of it. Does it make a difference what the shot was for? I am most concerned about forced flu shots. Thank you.

Extra Press for Pushing Flu Shots

Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 12/04/2012

Hi Fellow EC'ers, I have noticed in the past few days that all of the media - be it television, radio, newspapers, etc. are pushing flu shots for ALL - hard and heavy PUSHING them at us.

There are clinics at the supermarket and local drug stores. The media says that the government is extra happy as the strain coming in (EXTRA EARLY, and EXTRA CATCHY! ) seems to be a GOOD MATCH for the shots they are putting out.

I saw THREE television shows today saying we all need flu shots.... From my local news, "The DOCTORS" and the great and powerful "Doctor OZ". All in one afternoon!

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means, but I DO know that the flu shot contains mercury. I do know that the mortality rates quoted for the flu (35, 000 a year!!! ) are actually NOT from the flu, but from complications of the flu (ie pneumonia).

If anyone has any thoughts they would like to share on the flu and flu shots, I would love to hear them.

Stay well, Carly :-)

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Twinrix Causing Eczema

Sara (The Beach, Canada) on 10/22/2012
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I got the twinrix shot 18 months ago and it put my immune system into hyper drive which it is supposed to do, but for a small percentage of people it induces a prescription induced eczema. My question is, is there any way to reverse or lesson the of effects to the shot. If not, that tropical trip was not worth this agony. Sara

Iodine Helped Heal Child W/ Vaccination Side Effects

Lisa (Freedom, Wi) on 02/29/2012

My daughter developed tics and twitches when she was in 1st grade. I tried curing these things with every holistic supplement I could find pertaining to them... When she got to about 5th grade the tics had become so bad that she told me she wanted to die :( I screamed out to GOD and told him she needed to be cured. Within days I came across a product called 369 iodine. I bought it and put her on it and it worked Immediately! She is now in 8th grade and the tics and twitches are completely gone!

DO NOT vaccinate your children, this was the cause of my daughters tics, she had only a few vaccines before GOD spoke to me and told me to stop. I now know why he told me to stop! This is truly a miracle and if people do not realize that vaccines are the greatest hoax ever to all of mankind they are putting themselves at risk of doing great harm or even death to their child/ children. God bless.

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Recommendation Needed for Pediatrician Supportive of Vaccination Choice

Erin (Fort Myers, Florida) on 02/17/2012

I am new to the state of Florida and having a very hard time finding a pediatrician who does not insist on vaccines. I'm not even sure of the state laws here, but I am expecting our 1st child in just 3 weeks & must have a pediatrician who is open/like minded on the subject. I am looking for any & all help & advice to ensure I have control over this subject.

Twinrix Vaccine Caused Eczema

Sara (The Beach, Canada) on 01/03/2012
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Has anyone else had Eczema as a side effect to the Twinrix shots. I have had a terrible breakout for months now and that is the only thing I did different last year for a trip. It took a couple of months to manifest and I did a candida cleanse as well. I think the combo of the two things were a recipe for this reaction, I have done a candida cleanse before without this reaction. Anyone have this experience and can you tell me how long it will last?

Need Advice on Travel Vaccinations

Nat (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 12/30/2011

Hello, I will be traveling to Southern India (Kerala) in January and will stay there for 3 months. I'll possibly visit some neighboring countries as well.. There are a couple of vaccines recommended, those are: Hepatitis A and B (I already had Hep. A), Typhoid, Polio, Rabies, Japanese encephalitis and lastly, some medication for Malaria. I would love to avoid all of these vaccines because I am not sure that they are safe but I do not know if going without the vaccinations is a good decision.

Are these vaccines and medications dangerous?

I believe that Southern India is not as densely populated as is the Northern region and I would only be visiting the Northern area for short periods. Would I be less at "risk?"

I'd rather strengthen my immune system directly by taking probiotics and/or vitamins.. Any known remedies, products or ideas? What about Immunocal? I heard that one's own urine acts like a vaccine..

Suggestions, recommendations, and experiences will be greatly appreciated.



Flu Shot Causing Major Side Effects

Cvp (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/29/2011
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My friend's daughter-in-law had a flu-shot and ensuing fever for 2 months now. Tuesday, 27th Dec 2011, she fainted and had 2 seizures.

Hospital tested for Lupus, Meningitis and TB... she is not recognizing anyone and the doctors don't know the next step. When she fainted, she fell on her baby and her 4 yr old daughter called 911.

Any suggestions would be helpful...


T-Dap Vaccination Still Causing Problems

Jimbo (Lancaster, Nh) on 11/27/2011
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Almost a year ago I was injected with the Tdap vaccine, since then I have not been the same, I have tried H2o2 and Chlorella with limited success but my symptoms, (tight leg muscles/weak arms/confusion) come back again.

I was also wondering if anyone else has had any similar reaction to the Tdap vaccine? If anyone has anything worth sharing to help get this out my system I would really appricate it, with a young family to provide for life is not easy at the moment.

I am also concerned whatever they stuck in me could have permently damaged something?

Thanks Jimbo


Can Vaccination Reactions Be Reversed?

Sadie (Gwent, Uk) on 10/09/2011

My toddler is over two and a half years old, he was breastfed for two years - only stopping due to second difficult pregnancy. Before I was any the wiser I allowed him to have the first lot of his vaccination at two months of age, following these he was quite ill - severe diarrohea for months on end. Doctors refused to admit it was the vaccine but from that point I refused to continue with them.

He has struggled to tolerate dairy and developed asthma (his dad has history of chronic asthma on his side and I suffer with nut allergies). He is on non dairy alternatives where possible - non soy and there are improvement. However his asthma and cough which is quite bad are continuing and never resolving despite the recommended remedies am trying to implement as shown on this site. I am going to give him coconut oil in his food as he refuses to take it neat.

My question is, can anyone recommend a way to reverse the impact of that first set of vaccinations which I feel caused his asthma and cough.

Please help.