Acne Scar Remedies

Natural acne scar home remedies includes the popular oil cleansing method. Lemon juice is said to be an even more effective method for getting rid of acne scars! Acne sufferers not only have to face their acne flare ups, but they also must deal with the scars left behind when the acne has cleared up. Acne is caused by a variety of factors and occurs when pores become clogged and inflamed. Improper hygiene, a hormonal imbalance or fluctuation in hormone levels, stress and diet have all been proven to cause acne. Whether acne is a present struggle or a thing of the past, it can feel like an uphill battle when trying to get rid of acne scars.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Acne scars can be treated with effective home remedies. One of the most popular acne scar remedies is using the oil cleansing method when washing the face. The oil cleansing method involved applying a mixture of olive and castor oils to the face, steaming the skin under a wet, hot washcloth, then gently removing the oils with the wet washcloth. Skin is left clean and moisturized and scars will begin to heal thanks to the healing properties of the oil. The best treatment for acne scars is the use of lemon juice on the skin. Lemon juice not only lightens red marks and areas of discoloration, but it also helps to remove dead skin to reveal fresh, healthy skin underneath. The acids that are naturally present in the lemon are a great remedy for acne scars.

Read on to learn the most successful remedy for acne scars as reported by our readers, Fresh Aloe Vera!

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List of Remedies for Acne Scars