Tooth Loss Remedies

Tooth loss is not inevitable. You can keep all your teeth healthy and strong straight to the end of life, if you give your dental care routine the respect it deserves. However, if you have begun to lose teeth, it is never too late to improve your oral care habits and stop tooth loss, especially with the help of a few natural home remedies.

Gingivitis and dental cavities are the two most common causes of tooth loss, so addressing these two oral health issues will go a long way toward preventing further tooth loss.

Natural Cures: Reducing the acidity level in your mouth by eating fewer acidic foods (especially sodas) can help. Also, using 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash can help prevent gum disease and restore the stability of your teeth. Drinking more water (to keep your mouth and teeth moist), brushing and flossing better, and supplementing your diet with additional calcium and other minerals can help restore your oral health and prevent further tooth loss.

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List of Remedies for Tooth Loss