Tonsil Stone Remedies

Modified on Aug 06, 2023

Holistic treatment for tonsil stones focuses on safely and effectively removing buildup as well as eliminating any underlying infection or inflammation. Tonsil stones form as debris and bacteria becomes trapped in the crevices of the tonsils and calcify. This condition is treatable, however, and typically responds well to natural remedies like peppermint oil, grapefruit seed extract and salt water.

What are Tonsil Stones?

The tonsils are gland-like structures located in the back of the throat that help the body prevent and fight infections. As food, bacteria, mucous and other materials build up on the tonsils and become trapped in the pockets of the tonsils, stones form. While many tonsil stones cause few to no symptoms, common signs of buildup include bad breath, sore throat, white debris on the tonsils, difficulty swallowing, ear pain and swelling.

Natural Remedies for Calcification of the Tonsils

Remedies for tonsil stones focus on eliminating the calcified deposits and treating any associated infection or inflammation. The deposits are often treated using natural methods including grapefruit seed extract, peppermint oil and salt water.

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