Cure Your Tongue Issues

The tongue can be an excellent indicator of your overall health--or offer the first sign of a serious or systemic ailment soon to affect your entire body. Many of us have experienced a swollen tongue, metallic taste, or burning sensation or a tongue that is sensitive, purple, red, pimpled, sore, burnt, or that has a white coating on it and we have wondered what that meant about our health and what we could do about it. This page will start to answer those oral health questions.

In particular, a white coating on your tongue is an obvious symptom of thrush or oral candidiasis. A candida infection. Information on that health condition follows in these pages, but you may also want to take a look at out page on Candida.

Natural Cures: Betaine HCL, apple cider vinegar, or another natural remedy may address an acid reflux condition, which can create changes in the tongue.

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List of Remedies for Tongue Issues