Text Neck Natural Remedies

Text Neck Natural Remedies and Stretching Exercises

Your grandmother didn’t have to worry about “text neck” in her day, but she may warn you to watch your posture if she sees you hunched over your phone or device for hours on end! If she does, she is correct. Text neck, a new but very common problem, especially among young people, can cause a variety of pain issues and even long term skeletal problems. Natural remedies for text neck include improvement of posture and technology habits in addition to herbs and supplements to decrease acute pain.

What is Text Neck?

While very common among young people, more and more middle aged people suffer with text neck as well. Sitting or standing with your head bent forward while you use your phone or device can cause temporary or even permanent damage to the spine, muscles and nerve. This is of particular concern for teens and preteens who are still growing.

In addition to the pain in neck that results from text neck, headaches, upper back pain, and nerve pain that radiates down the arms can also result from this poor posture.

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List of Remedies for Text Neck