Stomach Polyp Remedies

An abnormal growth of tissue growing from a mucous membrane, polyps are commonly found in any of the membranes of the body including the colon, stomach, nose, sinuses, bladder and uterus. Stomach polyps, for example, are found in the stomach. While most stomach polyps are not and do not become cancerous, removal is typically the best option for treatment, which can be achieved by a variety of means.

What are Stomach Polyps?

Masses of cells that form on the inside of the stomach, stomach polyps develop in the stomach and are also called gastric polyps. While rare, stomach polyps are typically not cancerous but may contribute to the risk of stomach cancer. Symptoms of the condition include pain or tenderness in the stomach or abdomen, bleeding and anemia.

Home Remedies for Gastric Polyps

Although polyps of the stomach are not typically cancerous, the growths can increase an individual’s chance of developing stomach cancer. As such, eliminating the abnormal tissue is an important step in maintaining good health. Several natural remedies, including xylitol, cranberries and aloe vera, can be used to remove polyps in the stomach and prevent regrowth of other abnormal tissue.

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List of Remedies for Stomach Polyps