Spinal Stenosis Homeopathic Protocol

$30 Spinal Stenosis Homeopathic Protocol That Works

by Art Solbrig
Published June 02, 2020
Updated December 09, 2020

Around Halloween, 2019, a friend of mine (Jr.) was complaining about how his back had been bothering him for years, so I asked him for some background information. About 5 years previously, he had been diagnosed as having "spinal stenosis" (SS) and his doctor told him the only solution was surgery, so Jr. agreed to go ahead with the surgery since the doctor offered him no other options.

Jr. didn't do well after the surgery and was actually in at least as bad pain as pre-surgery.

The doctor told him that with time he should get better, but that relief never came and all the while he was telling me his story, I was thinking, how many hundreds of people across the country could tell this exact same story as I have heard it many times before!

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