Speech Impairment Remedies

Speech impairments are widely varied and typically manifest in childhood. While correcting a speech disorder is generally dependent on identifying the cause of the disorder, several common treatments have been identified. Speech therapy, chiropractic care and even nutritional supplements are all effective treatments for speech issues.

What is a Speech Impairment?

“Speech impairment” is a term used to refer to a variety of conditions in which an individual has difficulty creating or forming the sounds necessary to communicate with other individuals. The most common speech impairments can be categorized into three groups: articulation disorders, disfluency and voice disorders.

Speech is one of the main modes of communication between people and typically develops naturally and in conjunction with other conditions of normal growth and development. When the normal pattern of development is disrupted, however, a disorder may occur. Disfluency is an impairment in which a person repeats a sound, word or phrase. Articulation disorders have no definitive cause but may occur as a result of genetics, mouth anatomy or damage to the brain or nerves. Voice disorders are caused by issues including acid reflux, cancer, cleft palate, nerve damage and others.

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List of Remedies for Speech Impairment