Sleep Paralysis Remedies

A variety of treatments for sleep paralysis have been identified from sleeping in different positions to avoiding specific foods such as chocolate and coffee. Natural supplements have also proven effective for stimulating better sleep and alleviating symptoms of sleep paralysis.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a fairly common phenomenon that occurs when an individual wakes from sleep unable to move or speak. The condition is typically not harmful but is distressing to the affected individual. The condition is believed to be a result of the body’s abnormal movement through the typical sleep cycles, which may be a result of a lack of sleep, sleep schedule changes, stress, sleeping on the back, other sleep problems, certain medications and substance abuse.

Natural Remedies for Abnormal Sleep Patterns

While lifestyle changes such as avoiding certain trigger foods, not sleeping on the back and maintaining a regular sleep schedule tend to be effective treatments for many, natural sleep aids are also particularly helpful for managing sleep paralysis. Sleep aids help ensure more restful sleep and prevent waking up in terror or paralysis. Valerian, chamomile and melatonin are all natural sleep supplements that assist in treating sleep paralysis.

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List of Remedies for Sleep Paralysis