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Goldenseal for Sinus Infections

freeone (oregon) on 03/17/2023
5 out of 5 stars

This is very effective for sinus infections.

Goldenseal tincture, I have from Earthpharm.

Use 1/2 dropper in 1/2 teaspoon salt solution. I used a dropper with my head tilted to ceiling, one dropper of the mix into each nostril. It didn't burn at all. It helped more than anything so far. Also drank a cup of water with a 1/2 dropper of goldenseal tincture. As GS also has berberine it passes through the blood-brain barrier, it's powerful, and helping as mentioned -more than any other remedy.

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Vibration for Sinus Drainage

Morninglaurie (Michigan) on 02/27/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I discovered this by accident?washing my face in the shower with an oscillating face brush. I had a terrible sinus infection, nothing was helping. I tried almost all of the other things posted here?2 weeks flat on my back. So after running hot water over my face, used the face brush, and accidentally crushed the bristles so that the backer was against the corner of my nose and felt the urge to sneeze as it vibrated. Interesting. So I crushed the bristles under my cheekbones and just let it vibrate. Moved it around..a little at a time, letting it vibrate each time for maybe 30 seconds. Didn?t realize it because I was already wet, but my nose started running. When I discovered it, I reached out of shower for a Kleenex, and blew?.infection.

Oh my gosh it was finally moving. And my head no longer felt like it was ready to explode. So after that every few hours, I wrapped the bristles in a cloth so as not to scratch, and after heating my face with a warm rice pack, I would vibrate my sinus cavities. Every time I was able to blow out infection.

Now, I am still using the neti pot also with povidone iodine, Grapefruit seed extract and xylitol and now that is helping to rinse out mucous (hadn?t touched it before). Still draining a few days later, but I am not coughing after sleeping where the drainage settles in my airway, and am feeling almost human again. Will be ordering a silicone face cleaner/massager that vibrates so the bristles wont be an issue.

I have tried almost everything, including pressure points and massage, cayenne pepper drinks, honey, cider vinegar, sage tea, peroxide, povidone iodine, GSE, xylitol in the neti pot, etc. with no success. I used to be able to forestall an infection if I used the neti pot as soon as I could feel one coming on, but that no longer stops an infection for me. I don?t see a lot of research out there?.wondering if I do this on a regular basis will it keep sinuses open?

I hope this helps someone out there..

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Hydrogen Peroxide for Sinus Infection - Need Advice, Please

Lee (BC) on 01/18/2023
4 out of 5 stars

I've had a sinus infection which started from covid in early Nov. I started using Hydrogen Peroxide nasal rinse with 8oz distilled water, 2 tablespoons of food grade peroxide, neil med saline pouch, and a drop of baby shampoo. I did neil med bottle 3 times each of the 2 days.

My nose feels better, but im still a bit stuffy, especially at night with a white cloudy frothy mucus with the odd (5) small red spots of blood. Not sure if this is the virus that has been sticking around or is it from the peroxide?? I'm also wondering what adjustments I need to make to get rid of it

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Hydrogen Peroxide for a Sinus Infection

Lee (BC) on 01/16/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Oh my god! I had covid 2.5 months ago and I was in hospital 3 times the first 3 weeks...i was coughing and phlegmy and stuffed up and I had 2 courses of antibiotics when no help at all. I have been dealing with difficulty getting full breathes and the stuffy post nasal drip was making me cough like crazy. I have been so miserable and almost depressed. First off, I heard about hydrogen peroxide in the ears and at this point I had tried every natural remedy I could buy. must have spent close to $500 on vitamins and remedies at natures fair market. I put the drops in last night and I was was within minutes, maybe 5 min in each ear. Then I read these posts and I did a nasal rinse and gargle and I felt clear and the best I felt in a long time...amazing! I did a rinse solution of TBSP of Hyrogen Peroxide, 8oz of distilled water, neilmed saline pouch x1, and a drop of baby shampoo. I'm going to do this 2-3 times a day. I will also do a gargle 2x and ears 2x...I hope I only have to do it for 2-3 days. My only thing now is getting inflammation down cause in my nostrils still look small and constricted..question: Will this solution help inflammation over time or should I be adding something else to help with that?
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Saline Rinse for a Sinus Infection

Donna (Hyde Park, NY) on 12/10/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Husband has a Nasiline nose syringe...don't have a neti pot. I decided to try it with pink salt 1/4 t. in about 1 quart of water. I went back and forth between nozzles and one of the things that came out was what looked like a plug of dense mucous. Now I can breathe. First time for me and I am going to repeat several times today. I've had nasil congestion/cough for almost 4 weeks...WAY too long.
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Coconut Oil for Sinuses - Yikes!

Denise (California) on 10/06/2022
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My experience with using coconut oil in the nose and sinuses was Extremely difficult! I'm glad it helped some people but I would not do it again. It was like entering into a battle without knowing it!

I read a number of very encouraging posts about coconut oil in the nose & sinuses to clear up a sinus condition. I first tried it very gingerly by breaking a Q-tip in half and putting a little in each nostril, but not up beyond where the nose starts narrowing at the bridge. The next day my breathing was a little better. Then I did the same thing the next day but went up higher carefully with the Q-tip. The next day my breathing was even little better. The next day I melted some coconut oil and let it cool to warm, laid on my back and with my husband's help, driped maybe 1/8 tsp into the nose on each side, and turned my head side to side so the coconut oil could flow into the sinuses on the sides. The next day I was blowing my nose some and had a little sneezing. I thought, good it's cleaning some of that stuff out. I did the same thing a few days in a row but it didn't seem to make much difference. Then I used 2 or 3 times more and I hung my head upside-down so the oil could go into all sinuses, including on the forehead.

A couple days later I was blowing nose and sneezing like crazy. I had to constantly stuff kleenex up my nose and blow nose very often. The amount of sneezing and congestion was tiring, inescapable, miserable. But it got even worse, a couple days later I had thrush, a candida infection in the throat. I started gargling every day and painting the throat with a paste of baking soda and a bit of water. A few days after that both eyes especially one, had conjunctivitis and eyelids could not open very well. I kept one eye closed all the time because it was easier. I used various methods to treat the eyes. Salt water at times and boric acid other times, three or four times a day. Both were somewhat helpful, but the eyes took at least 3-4 months to mostly clear up. After a month or so I was only using the boric acid and salted water once or twice a day. One eyelid still did not open fully until about 9 months later. Sinus congestion, runny nose & sneezing went on in a Torrential way for about 3 weeks. Basically all I was doing was nursing all of my symptoms, sometimes looking on the internet for possible relief, Nothing else. After about 3 weeks it started easing up slowly but was still severe for several weeks more.

I now believe that I had a candida overgrowth in the sinuses (possibly especially bad in sinuses of the forehead). After using coconut oil I think that as candida was getting drained out of the sinuses some of it landed on my tongue and throat and created a thrush infection, and some traveled into the eye sockets creating eye infection.

Currently I am using a product called Xlear, spritzing 1 spray up each side of the nose twice a day. I think it's keeping the candida under control, but not diminishing it.

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Oregano Oil for Sinus Infections

Sakkwa (Bedford, Virginia ) on 07/31/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had heard of this b4 but never tried it. To make a long tale short, went camping, came home with sinus infection. Been suffering for a couple days stumbled upon this article. Being a Native person, we have some herbs. Happened to have the Oregano Oil. So I gave it a try. Within minutes, I cleared stuff out and began to breath so much better. I will most definitely continue use. Thank the Lord above and you for posting this article. I pray he blesses you for helping others with this info. Bezon!
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Oregano Oil for Sinus Infections

Robert S. (USA) on 06/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Oil of oregano is one of the most potent anti pathogens available. It kills everything including the good bacteria in your gut so taking it longer than 10 days is not recommended. You can make it yourself by soaking it in olive oil for a while to extract the active ingredients.

For simple ease of use, I just buy the oil in supplement form & use it as needed. You could also try to wash your nasal passages using a regular nasal saline squeeze bottle, no need for Nettie pots or wasting money on them, the standard nasal saline bottle works better, you can control the Flo better so no pain or discomfort & can be used to just rinse out the nose with plain water.

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Oregano Oil for Sinus Infections

UnDoctor (South Carolina) on 06/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

dir="ltr">Prior to using oregano oil blend (OOB), whenever I felt a cold coming on, I would gargle and/or use a qtip with 50/50 Hydrogen Peroxide and water to swab the inside of my nose. This worked well to hold off most infections, but there were times that swabbing the nose was not enough to reach the deepest regions of the sinus cavity.

I had been googling the topic and stumbled across people inhaling or using the neti pot to solve the problem. Since I wasn?t interested in using a neti pot, it seemed logical to me to somehow get the OOB vapors into my nose and throat. The good news is that it was VERY EASY, and quick. All I had to do was microwave half a cup of water in a mug for 2 min and put 2 drops of OOB in it. Once it was ready, I would take 20 to 30 deep breaths (working my way up to it, since the first few inhalations sting) over the next couple of minutes (with eyes closed, otherwise it will sting your eyes). The great thing about OOB is that it has multiple traits. It?s anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant. But the thing that really surprised me is that it?s also an anesthetic/analgesic.

So, while the first 10 sniffs stung, after a while the stinging went away and OOB?s analgesic property kicked in. Any pain or discomfort in my sinuses or throat was pretty much eliminated, and that lasted many hours. If the pain lingered I would do another round. That alone (the pain relief) would be enough to recommend the regimen, but it also hits the viruses and bacteria causing the problem. Wow! And to cap it all off, each ?treatment? costs about 3 cents.

To be clear, if your pain is in your sinuses, inhale via your nose. If it?s in the throat, inhale through your mouth. With throat pain, I would also do the water/peroxide gargle to hit it from both sides.

Without any doubt, this is the MOST powerful thing in my arsenal to fight colds and viruses. It?s truly amazing. And I?m shocked that there?s not been more written on the Internet about this. Most people recommend putting a few drops of OOB under the tongue, but I?ve tried that, and it doesn?t compare to the immediate benefits of inhaling it. I hope you try this out and reap the benefits. God Bless you all!

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Hydrogen Peroxide for a Sinus Infection

Lorel (WA) on 04/10/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I caught a sinus infection (stuffy nose was the only symptom) when my husband was in the hospital and so I couldn't visit him. A family friend reminded me of H2o2 that he's been taking for years so I used the recommended dose in the book "the One minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh:

Take 35% food-grade H2o2 and dilute it to 3% (one oz of food-grade 35% H2o2 + 11 oz of distilled water = 3% of Food Grade H2o2). Then put the 3% in a spray bottle. Spray into your nose and mouth every 2 hours and when spraying into the mouth breathe in deeply.

My sinus infection and all related symptoms were gone in 48 hours.

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Colloidal Silver for Sinus Issues

Dave (Wichita Kansas) on 04/01/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have gerd and reoccurring sinus infections that turn into ear infections. I started using colloidal silver a couple of months ago and cannot believe the difference in my sinuses it actually helps me control them and keep them at bay.
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Sphenoid Sinus Infection

Mel Bee (Winter Haven, FL) on 02/07/2022

Could someone please help? I saw a post in either Sinus Infections or Chronic Sinus Infections regarding an infection in the SPHENOID. I can't find it now and desperately need to read it again. Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Issues From Construction

Terry Way (Winder, GA) on 02/01/2022
5 out of 5 stars

ACV Oh heavens yes, I used to work in the home construction trade here in GA and after a hot hard day's work, I often arrived home with leg cramps and a headache.

Then I was reminded that my grandmother would serve my grandfather and me, a drink she called "Switchel" 3 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey to taste, for 1. it is a great thirst quencher and 2. for it helps replace electrolytes lost to excessive sweating. I started preparing a gal of this each day and the cramps and headaches stoped.

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Grapefruit Seed Extract for Sinus Infections

Anne (Austin, TX) on 01/25/2022
1 out of 5 stars

After doing extensive research in scientific papers, I am pretty certain that the observed effects of GSE are not due to it but to added synthetic microbicides. One of those was always present when GSE was analyzed, whereas no verifiably beneficial compounds could be found by simply analyzing extracts produced without those microbicides. More to the point, the specific synthetic microbicide present changed over time, with some falling out of favor over the past 25+ years.

Please read these statements by the American Botanical Council and see the studies:



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Oregano Oil Tips for a Sinus Infection

Pay It Forward (PNW) on 01/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Oregano Oil for a Sinus Infection

Ingest once a day. It's very powerful. You can also steam inhale. Post nasal drip is thought to be caused either a fungus or mold that's got into the sinus. Get a lrg bath towel, a small saucepan pot of hot water, and wild oregano oil. We like Oreganol (no affiliation, just like it). Place 5-6 drops wild oregano oil in the pot, cover your head and pot with the towel, close your eyes, and breath in deeply through your nose. You can do this am & pm.

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Hydrogen Peroxide in Neti Pot for Sinus Infection

Jen (CA) on 01/09/2022
0 out of 5 stars

I used food grade H202 3.5% knowing the product I thought the suggested ratio was too strong, so I only put 2 cap fulls in the neti pot, making it more 20 parts water to 1 part peroxide and it still burned like hell.
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Coconut Oil Cured Sinus Infection Quickly!

Joe (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 01/02/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had covid last week, rather mild, but my sinuses took a beating. I have always struggled with dry and inflamed sinuses and will usually get an infection yearly. Well I tried getting into the local clinics to get an antibiotic. No luck. For 4 days I tried and they are so overwhelmed that the wait is 4-5 hrs if you can even get registered. So sitting in the parking lot this morning I came across your website. I went to the store and bought some coconut oil and went home and started applying it in my nostrils and using it in my neti pot. It is evening now and I am in bed and I feel wonderful. I have no pain. I have no congestion. And best of all, I can smell and taste my food again. I am amazed that this happened in less than 12 hrs and I dont need and antibiotic or prednisone. I am going to continue using the oil daily in hopes of not needing the Afrin any longer. Thank you so much! Feel free to use this as a review.
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Hydrogen Peroxide for a Sinus Infection

ktgod (Canada) on 12/28/2021
4 out of 5 stars

I used the hydrogen peroxide sprayed into mouth as per the video but did not get any foam. I also sprayed up the nose. The nose burned a little. does this go away?
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Lemon or Lime Juice Snorted for Sinus Infection

Rob (Kentucky) on 08/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Snorting lime or lemon juice to get rid of a sinus infection. Painful for a couple of minutes, but worked perfectly. Lemon/lime juice is anti-septic, anti-bacterial, fungal and viral. Some people use juice from the store in a bottle. I prefer fresh from citrus fruit.

It stings less when you dilute the lemon juice (or lime) with distilled water. But, most people say it works better full strength.

It?s very simple to do. Squeeze out one teaspoon of lemon or lime juice into a spoon. Close off one nostril with your finger and snort up the juice in the spoon in the other nostril. Right after you do this you will have the feeling that you snorted a ?blow-fish? up in your head. The pain only last a minute or two.

It worked for me. Cleared up the sinuses immediately.

Video: Cure sinus infection lime juice home remedy

Video: Sinus infection (lime juice)

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Hydrogen Peroxide for a Sinus Infection

Rachel (Saskatchewan) on 05/31/2021
0 out of 5 stars

I sprayed 3 sprays of about 1.5% FGHP into my mouth and inhaled it. That was about 20 min ago. I feel kind of woozy and pressure in the left side of my head, and some heaviness throughout my body, and my left eye was watering, but not much in my nose and mouth except a bit of fizzing in my mouth. Bit of heaviness in my lungs from the bubbles (had that before and not concerned), and my digestive system is starting to bubble, which it did the other night - that leads

I'm concerned about the pressure. It won't fizz inside your brain will it?

I have had a concussion, and sometimes get acephalgic migraines on the left side, and I have a chronic sinus infection.

So, is it just from the sinus infection?



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