Ice Cream Chemical Link to Sinus Infections

The Surprising Connection Between Ice Cream, Flu, and Sinus Infections

Here's our theory, which we are absolutely convinced is an accurate one: Within 24 hours of consuming a scoop of ice cream from brands that contain artificial flavors (e.g., Baskin Robbins, Wendy's, Dairy Queen, etc.), flu-like symptoms will manifest: fever, headache, congestion, general malaise. The supposed virus disappears within 24 hours and a raging sinus infection develops in its place. You won't ever have a runny nose, (which you would have with a true virus or allergy), you'll just have two intensely clogged & infected sinus passages with extreme sinus pressure.

We started asking friends who came down with sinus infections if they had eaten ice cream 2 days prior to the onset of the sinus infection. 4 out of 5 cases reported a yes. We took our theory to the web and started asking our readers in 2006. Sure enough, the same report came back time and time again: fake flu within 24 hours and a sinus infection within 48 hours.

If you take your kids to get ice cream on the weekend, this theory should be pretty easy to track since the side effects will take place Monday or Tuesday following.

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