Sensory Processing Disorder Remedies

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a chronic medical condition, possibly genetic, in which the mind does not appropriately process signals from the body's sense organs into useful information. SPD can be understood as a sort of sensory overload or like a traffic jam. This can result in clumsy movements or in psychological irritation that may result in behavioral issues, mood disorders (e.g. depression), and other disruptions to ordinary life. Sensory Processing Disorder (also called "sensory integration dysfunction") can affect one or many of the sensory organs at one time (i.e. sight, hearing, touch, etc.).

Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder can include both hyposensitivity to sensory information and hypersensitivity. Low muscle tone and autistic-type behavioral response may also accompany the condition.

Natural Remedies: Sensory Processing Disorder is often addressed through occupational therapy techniques, particularly in the mode of sensory integration such as Integrated Listening Systems (ILS), which can help the child learn to better process sensory information.

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List of Remedies for Sensory Processing Disorder