ACV, Essential Oils, Electric Pen for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

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Amz (FL) on 05/08/2021:
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I'm using all the oils layered straight no mixer and ACV and layering them. I read to use a carrier oil but I didn't. My skin is very tough though. I read it can burn the skin but it didn't burn mine it's just very smelly. I use them before I shower and leave them on as long as I have time.

I'm also using one of the cheap electric pens from amazon to zap them every couple of weeks without going overboard. I just gently let the electricity hit them a couple of zaps and let a scab form it takes me about 5 days to heal. Don't pick off the scab it can scar. You can find youtube video's on this topic or go to an esthetician.

The pen was about $12 and people use them on skin tag and mole removal as well. I haven't tried that function but they are called mole remover pens on amazon. I'm only using the pen on larger SH with a fine tip. I stay very surface level. It does have a bad burnt flesh smell while you're doing it. Use caution and start slow and gentle, everyone's skin is different.

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