Water for Sciatica

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Caroline (British Columbia) on 05/26/2023:
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I had bad sciatica pain years ago but the thing that cured me instantly was drinking water. I read online that anything to do with disc pain is dehydration...a bell went off....I went straight to the water tap and never had it again. The reason I got it was I was on a colon cleanse that pulled too much water...didn't drink extra as they recommend. you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces or you are dehydrated like 75% of the population.

You may fix everything that's wrong!!!

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John (Oregon) on 06/26/2015:
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Sciatica cure : WATER

After two days of severe pain and bent over walking, I drank several glasses of water every hour stopped the pain and hasn't returned. When threat of hip and leg pain, increase water intake. Works great.

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