Piriformis Muscle Massage for Sciatica

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Dena (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 08/03/2023:
5 out of 5 stars

I was in pain with sciatica to the point I couldn’t walk to the toilet. I was placed on naproxen pain killers as well as Tylenol. I wanted to be off painkillers because long term they can damage your liver and kidneys. I tried all the remedies like apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll with only worked temporarily. While laying in pain I went on tic tok and found piriformis muscle massage. So I massage my buttocks each twice a day. I woke up with less pain every day. Today I took zero pain killers. I do plan to do cold laser treatments, a deep tissue massage and spinal decompression with a chiropractor in the future to keep it from coming back. I ordered a double lacrosse ball to help with the butt massage so I don’t hurt my wrist. This worked better than the yoga exercises I was doing. Sciatica is caused by weak buttocks and muscles so do exercises that focus on those area.
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