Pain Caused by the Piriformis Muscle for Sciatica

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Marie (Philly, Pa) on 10/15/2011:
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Thank you for this info. I googled piriformis muscle and there was a number of videos on how to stretch the muscle. I have been in pain for a number of days. I knew it was my sciatic nerve but not the piriformis muscle. I am sitting here now after I did the stretching from two of the videos on youtube and I feel better. I will do the exercises everyday now that I know what is really affecting my sciatic nerve. My pain was from the lower back, pain especially in my hip, and down to my ankle. My knee was swelling up also. Everything feels calmer now. Thanks again!

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Dan (Markham, Canada) on 07/15/2008:
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If you have pain in your lower back called sciatica it may be caused by what is called Piriformis muscle -- this might be the cause. This muscle runs from the outer bone of your hip to the lower part of your spine. In some people the sciatica nerve may run right through the Piriformis muscle. When sitting too long this muscle will tighten and become inflamed, causing the sciatica nerve to cause what is called sciatica. The pain will run down your leg to your foot. the Piriformis muscle is there to help you rotate your leg. When your foot is turned to the right the muscle becomes tight and when you turn your foot to the left it becomes stretched.
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