Magnets for Sciatica

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Olivia (Ningi ) on 05/19/2023:
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magnets for Sciatica

I have recently had a bad attack of sciatica come on… I tried many of the therapies, suggested by people on this channel…

Sometimes things would dull down a bit but then they would increase in discomfort… I was getting desperate… I have a set of rare earth magnets, and also a book that talks about the placement of the magnets on the body for whatever ailment you have…the book is called conquering pain…well, there is a section in the book about sciatica….It talks about the placement of the Magnets in a horizontal fashion at the base of the spine. I of course Magnets have a positive and a negative side, and it is very important how they are placed and what polarity is against the skin.The placement of the magnets for sciatica is as follows.

Low down on the spine in the middle is a double stack of Magnets where is the positive side against the skin and these can be placed there where with 3M sticky tape…once that is in place then 2 inches either side of that placement is a double stack of magnets with the negative side against the skin. So, you have a row of magnets, three in a row…and also, they are double stacked, so two magnets stuck on top of each other. All of these Magnets are attached to the body with the 3M. Sticky tape. Once they are on the body they are left in place for at least three days…don’t remove them.Within half an hour of placing the magnets on my body I could feel something happening. By the one hour, mark all pain had disappeared. I could sit, laydown and finally get some sleep….It is now day two…and still no pain, it is wonderful. I wanted to share this with people because sciatica is a shocking problem to go through. It is debilitating and disabling.If anybody wants more information about the Magnets and the book you can reach out to me through this website and I am happy to give you more information.

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