Arch Supports and Magnets for Sciatica

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Gloriya (Mexico) on 09/16/2023:
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I had sciatica when I was very young, and it was caused by wearing Earth Shoes because the heel was lower than the rest of the shoe. I wore normal tennis shoes and walked a lot on a straight highway and it went away. Now I am very old and I have sciatica again, and I noticed that I have been wearing shoes with a lower heel. I forgot that I can't do this!

This may be the root cause of many people's chronic sciatica. I hope so for your sake because it's a very easy permanent cure.

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Mary (USA) on 08/05/2019:
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Sciatica, cause is the arch of the foot has fallen.

Remedy is simple - use arch supports. I use walk fit because it has 3 lifts low, med, high, but the trick, if you have leg pain, is to install a dime size thin magnet between the lift and the support. As you know, magnets do not do the healing but iron in blood is attracted to the magnet iron brings with it oxygen and oxygen heals.

Since it is a static magnet it may take a few weeks before one sees improvement BUT, if you take statins forget everything I wrote as statins cause the leg problems.

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