Incontinence in the Elderly Remedies

As we age, the prevalence (and probability) of incontinence rises. This is such a common problem that many view incontinence as just another of the problems of growing older and may not mention it to their doctors. They may decide to just live with chronic incontinence instead of looking for a way to treat the underlying issue. Incontinence is not a health condition that you simply have to accept, but it can be treated with natural treatments and alternative therapies. Dietary changes, kegel exercises, behavioral therapy, and herbs like St. John’s wort are effective for treating incontinence in older patients.

Natural Remedies for Incontinence in the Elderly

One of the first steps that should be taken is to discuss this with your doctor. A doctor can help rule out any further health issues that may be contributing to the incontinence and work with you to identify effective treatment options. You should also consider trying some natural treatment options that will help strengthen your body.

1. Dietary Changes

For some older people, incontinence is a result of the body's inability to process certain foods and food components. By changing your diet, you can gradually have fewer episodes of incontinence.

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List of Remedies for Incontinence, in Elderly