Pseudomonas Oryzihabitans Remedies

Treatment of pseudomonas oryzihabitans includes directive treatment to eliminate the bacteria and treat side effects of infection. A number of different supplements offer support to the system and treat the conditions caused by the bacteria. These supplements include alkalizing compounds as well as antibacterial components.

What is Pseudomonas Oryzihabitans?

Pseudomonas oryzihabitans is a specific strain of bacteria that causes a variety of illnesses in people. The bacterium can be described as non-fermenting, gram-negative and rod-shaped. Sepsis, peritonitis, endophthalmitis and bacteremia are common conditions caused by the pathogen.

The bacterium is considered an opportunistic pathogen of humans and warm-blooded animals as the bacteria typically infects individuals with current illnesses or those who are undergoing surgery. The symptoms of infection mimic those of other illnesses and diseases, making the infection difficult to diagnose. Some symptoms include chills, elevated temperature, nasal discharge, facial pain and fever.

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List of Remedies for Pseudomonas Oryzihabitans