Postpartum Depression Remedies

Treatments for postpartum depression range from lifestyle changes and relaxation therapies to natural supplements and gentle home remedies. Increasing exercise, eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest are all important for maintaining a positive affect at any time, especially following the birth of a new child. Additionally, certain supplements offer mood regulation and treat postpartum depression.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a common condition characterized by severe, long-lasting depression following childbirth. Symptoms of the condition vary but include loss of appetite, insomnia, intense irritability, overwhelming fatigue, loss of interest in sex, lack of joy, feelings of shame and guilt, severe mood swings and difficulty bonding with the baby. There is no single definitive cause for the condition. Contributing factors include physical, emotional and lifestyle changes following birth.

Natural Remedies for the “Baby Blues”

A major life event, the birth of a child causes a vast change in a woman’s hormonal state, leading to a number of symptoms. Treatment of these symptoms focuses on balancing hormones and supporting nutritional health. Nutritional supplements as well as lifestyle changes can be adopted to treat postpartum depression.

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List of Remedies for Postpartum Depression