Porokeratosis Remedies

Earth Clinic can help you find Natural Remedies for Porokeratosis, a clonal disorder of keratinization characterized by one or more atrophic patches. These reddened, raised plaques on the surface of the skin can be diagnosed as porokeratosis via a biopsy examined under the microscope. Your doctor will look for a specific feature of this skin plaque, a corned lamella, to confirm the diagnosis.

Porokeratosis plaques can become malignant, so this skin health issue should be addressed properly. The condition occurs most often in light-skinned adults in their thirties or forties and appears in at least 6 distinct sub-types.

Home Remedies for Porokeratosis

Those afflicted with porokeratosis should limit exposure to sunlight and should remove the lesion in one way or another. Application of Vitamin E oil or creams or Vitamin D-3 may provide some benefit.

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    List of Remedies for Porokeratosis