Polymorphous Light Eruption (Sun Allergy) Remedies

Treatments for polymorphous light eruption vary from sun avoidance to topical treatments and oral supplements. While avoiding sun exposure is the only true way to prevent the condition, several treatments support the immune system and defense to prevent flare-ups. Natural topical treatments paired with the appropriate nutritional supplements are far reaching in terms of treating the condition.

What is Polymorpohus Light Eruption?

Described as sun allergy, polymorphous light eruption causes the appearance of small red pimples and blisters on the skin following sun exposure. The lesions may also appear scaly on the skin and cause itching and discomfort. The cause of the condition is unknown; however, doctors believe the condition is a type of delayed allergic reaction.

Natural Treatments for Sun Allergy

While covering the sun with a hat and lightweight clothing is one of the best ways to protect the skin, taking nutritional supplements, including vitamin E and beta carotene, also serve as skin protectants. Additionally, topical treatments, such as tea tree oil, replenish the skin and eliminate redness.

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List of Remedies for Polymorphous Light Eruption