Pesticide Detox Remedies

Natural Remedies for Pesticide Detoxing

Pesticide use is very common. Unfortunately, chemicals that are strong enough to kill small bugs and pests can cause health problems in humans and pets as well, especially with repeated exposure to such chemicals. You can detox from pesticide poisoning using natural remedies which include activated charcoal powder, plenty of fresh water, herbs and exercise.

Unfortunately, the widespread use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides has detrimental effects on the ecosystem. Superbugs and superweeds are springing up. And when one certain pest is eliminated, we learn what pests those pests were actually helping with. Suddenly another type of pest management is needed and another chemical is added to the ecosystem. 

In addition to the damage to the ecosystem, animals and humans are harmed by regular exposure to pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. All of these chemicals have one thing in common - "cide." Simply put, the suffix "-cide" means "a person or substance that kills." Perhaps one application of a pesticide that kills a particular bug or plant will not cause much harm. But how many pesticides are humans and animals exposed to in the course of a year or a decade?

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List of Remedies for Pesticide Poisoning